20 years ago: It's a Great Computer, Steve.#

Short podcast about re-connecting with Twitter as a developer. I have to do it, no choice, Also conecting with Facebook, RSS, the web. #

Today's background image is Sheep Meadow in Central Park.#

Little Card: Windows is going as Linux for Halloween.#

The reason things are so sparse here the last week or so is that there's a new version of Scripting News coming, and all my energies are focused there. #

It'll have the linkblog and the river on the same page with the blog posts in a tabbed interface.#

It'll be using all the latest JavaScript technology. Radio3, River4, Fargo, Little Card Editor etc.#

It's time that things start rolling up. #

Still diggin as someone said once a long time ago.#

A picture of a slice of cheese cake.#

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