Scripting News: Politics necessarily creates divisions.#

Eich's contribution has been immense, but a relatively quiet one. It's not just his loss, it's our loss too that he's now side-lined. If this were basketball, Eich is easily a future hall-of-famer.#

Andrew Sullivan: "If this is the gay rights movement today – hounding our opponents with a fanaticism more like the religious right than anyone else – then count me out."#

Mozilla: Brendan Eich Steps Down as Mozilla CEO.#

Brendan Eich: The Next Mission.#

Eich is also the creator of JavaScript, a major app environment. Litmus test for open source developers? Only politically correct code?#

Today's background image is Oakland, from the air.#

Phil Jackson has no interest in coaching the Knicks.#

BTW, here's an interesting screen shot of a 2011 mockup of a River of News reader with a Twitter-like What's Happening? box at the top. Shows how simple it would be, from a UX point of view, to build a personal Twitter out of RSS. #

Also in the screen shot is a river that gracefully handles items with titles and ones without. The user doesn't notice the difference, it's all news. That's the only way that makes sense. Repeating "Untitled item" or somesuch is just annoying the user for no reason, kind of like those unnecessary unread count things -- reminding you that you are delinquent in your feed reading, or that your feeds are somehow inadequate. Software should be accommodating, not judgemental. Who cares what a machine thinks, we have enough trouble worrying about other people. #

Next on my to-do -- an explainer for feed reader developers on how to display title-less RSS items. It's easy, but not all do it well. This is preparing for the change coming in my feed.#

I also want to make a separate server that tells Fargo users when outlines have changed, for the Fargo in Workgroups feature. Most of the hits to my FargoPub server are just checking if outlines changes. It feels like this should be a separate thing, that it would (or could) be more efficient. #

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